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O Estado de S. Paulo (The State of São Paulo) is a daily newspaper published in the Metropolitan region of São Paulo, Brazil, and distributed mainly nationally. It is owned by Grupo Estado, a holding company which publishes the Jornal da Tarde and owns the radios Rádio Eldorado AM and FM and the Agência Estado, largest news agency in Brazil.
It has the second largest circulation in the City of São Paulo, only behind Folha de São Paulo, and the fifth largest overall in Brazil. It is nicknamed the Estadão (lit. "Big Estado"). The journal was founded relying on republican ideals on January 4 of 1875, and was firstly called A Província de São Paulo ("The Province of São Paulo").
The motto of the newspaper is Estadão, o jornal que pensa ÃO ("Estadão, the newspaper that thinks ÃO [big]"). -ão is a Portuguese augmentative suffix.
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