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La Nación is the most important Costa Rican newspaper. It is published in San José, Costa Rica. The newspaper is a general purpose newspaper, and circulates daily all year long, except on three Costa Rican holidays, Good Friday and the following Saturday, and the day after the New Year's Day.

La Nación was founded on October 12, 1946 by Sergio Carballo Romero as director, Ricardo Castro Beeche as manager, and Jorge Salas heading the administration. The first reporters were Adrián Vega Aguiar, Salvador Lara, Eduardo Chavarría, Federico González Campos, Claudio Ortiz Oreamuno and Joaquín Vargas Gené. The newspaper was born in the middle of the confusion and political unrest caused by lingering electoral fraud, corruption scandals, government repression and street violence against the opposition, with the participation of the Costa Rican communist movement, that at the time was an ally to the Picado administration. Less than two year later after the foundation of La Nación, these events led into the 1948 Costa Rican Civil War.
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