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Argumenty i Fakty (Russian: Аргументы и факты, commonly abbreviated "АиФ" and translated as Arguments and Facts) is a weekly newspaper based in Moscow and a publishing house in Russia and worldwide. As of 2008, it is owned by Promsvyazbank and the newspaper is edited by Nikolay Zyatkov.
It was founded in 1978 by the Russian organisation "Knowledge" («3нание»). In 1980 AiF was transformed into a weekly but was available only by subscription. After 1985, it was one of the leading publications in the Glasnost campaign. AiF was listed in the Guinness Book of Records with the largest circulation of any weekly publication. In 1990 it had a print run of 33.5 million. As of 2008, the circulation was about 3 million copies, with about 8 million readers. More specifically its February 2008 circulation was 2,750,000.
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