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L'Express (French pronunciation: ​[lɛksˈpʁɛs]) is a French weekly news magazine. When founded in 1953 during the First Indochina War, it was modelled on the US magazine Time.
The magazine was co-founded by Jean-Jacques Servan-Schreiber, future president of the Radical Party, and Françoise Giroud, who had earlier edited ELLE and went on to become France's first Minister of Women's Affairs in 1974 and Minister of Culture in 1976. The magazine was supportive of the policies of Pierre Mendès-France in Indochina, and in general had a left-of-centre orientation. The magazine opposed the war in Algeria, and especially the use of torture. In March 1958, as a result of an article of Jean-Paul Sartre reviewing the book La Question by Henri Alleg, the magazine was prevented from being published by the French Government. In order to resume publication, L'Express had to print a new issue without the incriminated article. François Mauriac was a regular contributor with his Bloc-Notes column but left L'Express when Charles De Gaulle returned to power.
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